March 27, 2017

March 20, 2017

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Resistance- Take Two

March 27, 2017

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Resistance- Take Two

March 27, 2017


Let's try this again. I feel I wasn't as successful as I had hoped in conveying my message last time. 


Resistance, as defined by Steven Pressfield in his book The War on Art, is a force. Just like gravity, resistance weighs on us pulling us down and holding us back. Thankfully, resistance takes after gravity in another way too, it can be overcome with effort. EFFORT is the key word here.
Resistance is the force that tells us to press snooze one more time. It's the reason why going to the gym consistently or keeping a diet is difficult or even impossible for some to do. So we see it and battle it in our everyday activities.

Resistance is also extremely present in the arts.

Stigmas and social standards make so many people to scared to express themselves. People are so scared of failing that many people don't even try. This, my friends, is how resistance can take physical form. In the musical, Title of Show, there is a song called "Die, Vampires, Die!", about the same topic. (This song is PG-13) She talks about how vampires are things that keep you from creating art. They are things like grandmas saying that your monologue is too vulgar, or your friend that gets every lead in every show she auditions for. The worst vampire is the one in your head, saying "you're not good enough", "who are you fooling", "you'll never succeed". These vampires embody the force of resistance. These thoughts and feelings and persuasions can kill a soul. I believe art comes from the soul. Art is a vent, an avenue for your soul to peek out and take a deep breathe before returning home. All it takes is for one thought to get in that vent and your outlet is gone, your soul can no longer come and go as it pleases. It is trapped.


So what do we do as human beings to be successful in art? 
The answer is simple and complex at the same time.


Are you ready?


In order to be a successful artist you have to do something everyday. Do something. Do Anything!! Paint one day, draw the next, read a play, write a story, go to a gallery or museum. Just do something.

Honestly, that's the hardest part. People make up the most excuses before they get started. The key is to sit down. Turn the TV off. Turn your phone off. Breathe. Now just do something. Any little thing and who cares if it's not great. The fact that you tried is enough.  
Look you drew a stick figure standing on a hill! Hey that's more than a lot of people did today. Now tomorrow, draw his house. Start small and build toward your goal. You're not going to become a world famous painter in a month. But you could in a year or two if you practice everyday. 


Point of this post- at ICE we want to keep your artistic vent open. We want to provide opportunities for you to over come resistance. We want to help you find a type of expression that connects for you. Everyone should feel free and able to create art-whatever that means to you, don't let negativity stop you. We are here to encourage your exploration of the arts and help you gain the courage to overcome obstacles put in your way.


So today I am going to paint. I have been working on a painting for a long time now. By that I mean, I worked on it one night and never finished. Tonight, I will break through that wall of "I don't know what to paint, so I'm just gonna stare at it for hours". I will finish that painting and guess what? I don't care if it looks bad or sloppy or whatever- because at least I tried.


What are you going to try today? Share a picture of what you are working on in the comments below or share with us on facebook or on Twitter with #ICECollab attatched.


Get out there and CREATE!!

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