March 27, 2017

March 20, 2017

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Resistance- Take Two

March 27, 2017

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Struggles and Resistance

March 22, 2017

Life is tough. Life is hard. 

They say only the strong can survive. But I like to think that surviving is not enough. You have to be able to survive AND thrive. 

Like it or not life is about conflicts. Every single interaction, every discussion, every action has and goal and an obstacle tied to it. 


Have you ever felt the urge to do something you've never done? Like let's say you're in NYC and you see a bunch of break dancers and you think "wow, yeah they're awesome! I wish I could do that!" And for some reason you can't get it off your mind. Then you find yourself googling how to break dance. But then when you find a class and you're signing up you think " o, man. What am I doing? I can't break dance!" 


That right there is your soul talking to you. And the voice saying "no way josé" is called resistance. 

I am 100% convinced that if we were to unabashedly listen to our souls that we would be the happiest beings in existence. Social standards have taken that possibility away though. Society tells us "it's not ok to cry.""you're too old to play with action figures." "you'll never be an astronaut"- well, you get the idea. Society tells us no. Everywhere we look no. No. No. Where is the yes? Where can I be myself uncensored? Where can I be super weird and odd and not feel embarrassed? 


There is no one answer to those questions. 


For me, I found those answers in art. I found my home, my haven, my refuge in theatre. 


But you ask, how do these tie in together? How do battling society and break dancing fit together? 


Every form of uniqueness and creativity stems from a passion, a flare, a need to express. Those urges are hard to follow because we feel that we may be viewed as odd or abnormal. We are trained to be ashamed of our feelings so we hide and suppress our feelings. 

Truth is, the only people in the world that have truly succeeded are the people that pushed their own limits and pushed their outer thoughts aside. Those moments when you can overcome other's standards and that fear, that's when you can be creative and stand up for what your heart feels. 


I want to provide that space for you. That place where you can say "Hey look a break dancing class. I'll try that. Why not?" I want to create an environment where everyone can show their creations, push their own limits, and try something new. 


People say you should do one thing that scares you everyday. I believe that. Being scared tells us that we are alive- that we can feel things. So let's do something scary together. Let's sing Bohemian Rhapsody on a busy street corner. Let's paint our feelings and dance to beat of color on canvas. Everyone should be able to express their emotions and thoughts in a way that challenges them. 


At ICE Collab we want to push you. We want to see how good you are then help you be better.


In the comments below, let us know what your soul wants to try. Let's create that opportunity. 


-E.M. Fletcher 

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