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What do you get with ICE Collab's private acting/coaching lessons?

A unique opportunity to develop life skills, confidence, and creative thinking while learning the fundamentals of acting, directing, designing, or teaching techniques.

To book a lesson, please click the link below and complete our questionnaire which helps to create the best experience. 

Our available lessons are shown on our Google Calendar as 'open slot' or 'closed slot (ab)' with the first and last initial of the client who booked that time slot.

Our experienced instructors will help you to build a repertoire for auditions as well as a solid foundation for personal and professional growth, problem-solving, and project management. 

45-minute lessons that help students unlock their full potential and develop their talents through challenging project based learning.

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We provide personalized feedback at the end of each lesson sharing what we worked on and what we will do next time



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