The arts can be such a competitive place. I.C.E. is here to break that stigma. When artists work together, we have the capability to make a huge difference in the world. 

So let's work together.

Do you have a talent you want to share? Do you have an idea for a class or workshop that you want to participate in or teach? Are you or your company looking for more advertisement opportunities, space to share your work, or a product that compliments our company? Do you know of someone who any of these would apply to?

Send us a message detailing your interest or send us a short bio with at least 2 files of your work attached. We will sort through this information and then share your work on this page.

Our aim is to provide an index where artists and companies can share their resources and needs, contact potential buyers and service providers, as well as communicate/discuss ideas and opportunities.

Theatrical Arts

Visual Arts

Technical/Design Arts

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We're here to provide opportunites for you to Imagine endless possibiltes, Create art of many forms, and Explore your talents and creativity.

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