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Ages 11-13

Teacher Helping Student

Private Lessons

With a degree in Theatre for Youth from Shenandoah University, Emilie Fletcher has been a theatre educator since 2008, specializing in teaching professional and advanced acting techniques to students ages 4-18. During our private lessons, she tailors each lesson to your student's individual goals and needs. We work from the basics and move up to advanced skills and techniques, as well as preparing for the profession with resumes and audition techniques. During our first lesson, Emilie will do some "get to know you" exercises and some fun theatre games to assess where each student's knowledge and confidence levels are. We will then create a monthly plan that will help us achieve our goals. You can learn more about our teaching philosophies and teaching history here. 

One on one lessons can be used to learn acting techniques and receive individualized attention and notes. Prep for an upcoming audition or build your repertoire for your future. Other lesson topics include: directing, acting through song, monologue work, confidence building, and more.

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