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Miss Nelson is Missing Younger@Part Edition and Performance Showcase

November 23, 2019

$450 for performer- $125 for Student Leader

Ages 8-14

We are so excited to present our Winter Musical and Performance Showcase directed by Lead Director Emilie Fletcher and a team of our high school Leadership Program Students. This production class will focus on proper acting technique, team building, foundations of dance, vocal techniques, musicianship, storytelling, and character interactions for stage, all culminating with two magnificent performances at Franklin Park Performing Arts Center.  Students will have the opportunity to perform a monologue, song, or scene for the first 45 mins of our performance, the audience will take a 15 min intermission, and we will finish the event with a performance of Miss Nelson is Missing Younger@Part Edition.

Once you have reviewed the information here be sure to fill out the google docs registration form linked to the button below. Auditions are for casting purposes only. All registered students can participate and will not be cut. Please note, however, that we will limit the number of students in the production to assure everyone has a chance to shine. So please be sure to register your student on the form BELOW. As class spots are limited, space is first come first served and a spot is not secured until registration fee is paid. 

Student Leader info is at the bottom of this section.


Miss Nelson’s class is the worst behaved in the whole school. Spitballs flying across the room, paper airplanes sailing every which way and uncontrollable children send the gentle, long-suffering teacher, Miss Nelson, over the edge. But the students of Room 207 are in for a surprise when Miss Nelson turns up missing and is replaced by Viola Swamp, a scary substitute teacher who assigns homework from hell and wields her ruler like a sword! In desperation, the students set out to find their beloved Miss Nelson … but will they ever get her back?



On Tuesdays (6-8pm) and Occasional Saturdays/Sundays(12-4pm), with a four day "camp" style class over winter break.  (10-4pm)


11/23-12pm-4pm. All students called. Pizza will be provided! Student's do not need to have anything prepared, we will go over material and techniques then do a group audition together.

Cast list will be sent out 11/30

Read through 12/3: 6-8pm- All Cast called


Rehearsals for Nov and Dec will be held at the Belmont Rec Center 20071 Medalist Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147

January rehearsals will be at the Hunt Civic Center- 20109 Boxwood Place, Ashburn, Va 20147










Tech Week:

1/13:5-8(Mandatory Attendance)

1/14: 6:30-9(Mandatory Attendance)

1/15:6:30-9(Mandatory Attendance)

1/16:6:30-9(Mandatory Attendance)


At Franklin Park Arts Center


Call time 10am 

2pm show and  7pm show


List of Characters:


MISS NELSON / VIOLA SWAMP (played by the same actor) – could be played by a high schooler or an older student. Singing required

  • MISS NELSON – sweet; kind; pretty; wears long flowy dresses in pastel colors (this long skirt will be used to hide the VIOLA SWAMP tights underneath)

  • VIOLA SWAMP – mean; scary; ugly; wears yellow and green striped tights with a black dress and at least one removable accessory (pointed glasses, prosthetic nose, etc.)

12 STUDENTS – can be cast gender-blind; all go by their own names (or a name they choose); wear pastels, as in the original book. These roles all require singing solos and lines!

5 JANITORS – the narrators; wear coveralls; can be played by boys or girls (if necessary, switch JOHNNY to JILLY and/or switch MURRAY to MILLY)

  •     POP HANSON – makes a popping sound when he says his name

  •     PENNY WHISTLER – whistles when her name is said

  •     JOHNNY BONES – does a hand-jive when his name is said

  •    MURRAY SNAPSBERG (“SNAPPY”) – snaps when his name is said

  •     BUD – no sound effect

2 DETECTIVES – bumbling; clumsy; inept detectives; can be played by boys or girls; dress like Sherlock Holmes – signature hats and capes, handle-bar mustaches, pipes, large magnifying glasses

  •     DETECTIVE MCSMOGG – takes the lead

  •     DETECTIVE McSMOOG – the sidekick

MR. BLANDSWORTH– the boring Principal; wears a pastel shirt, a funny tie/bowtie, and nerdy glasses; can be played by a boy or a girl (switch to MRS if necessary)


If you are interested in being a student leader please CLICK HERE and fill out a registration form telling us what roles you are interested in. We will meet prior to auditions to discuss delegations.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Produced by special arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

Private Lessons

$60/hour, $150 for 3, $135/Month for On-going

Have an audition coming up?  Exploring monologues or scenes for class or just for fun? Just want a one on one individualized acting lesson? We are here to lead you to Imagine, create, and explore through text and movement. 

We will start by going over your experience and your goals for the lessons. Then together we will create tangible path with milestone markers to lead us there. These milestones will include: Analyzing the text, analyzing the character, working on the dialect and voice of the character, then moving to the physicality of the character, followed with tying all elements together, and most importantly reviewing everyday what we went through.

With a passion for delving deeper into yourself and your text, we can help lead you on your next steps into the expansive world of theatre. 

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Our class numbers are capped so that each student can get individualized attention and a chance to shine.  For this reason, non-refundable tuition is due within 24 hours of receipt of invoice.

Student's slot will be reserved once payment is received.