Founded by a girl and a blessing. I.C.E. Collaborative Arts was founded in 2017 by a passionate girl with a dream and a fierce woman with a huge heart.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a comfortable environment where people of all ages can explore their artistic abilities, learn important life skills and confidence, as well as find their love for performance and visual art through a variety of acting classes, theatre for youth and adult theatre classes, performances, and sharings. Along with the previous, we aim to provide a community for artists to collaborate by hosting local artist highlights,  guest taught workshops, creative meetings, field trips to see plays in the surrounding areas, and more. But most importantly our goal is to build all of this in a friendly, supportive, and encouraging environment.

Our Team

Emilie FLETCHER-  Lead Teacher, Director, Writer, Actor, Collaborator

Emilie is a mother and artist. She has been a director and teaching artist for the last 9 years. With a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Theatre for Youth from Shenandoah University, Emilie is a known theatre for youth director and teaching artist in VA and MD. Her favorite types of plays have a lesson that is learned through empathizing with a character or group of characters that are searching for an answer or trying to prove a point. Her passion for teaching is driven by the moments when she can discuss with young people and adults about different thought processes and lifestyles that are unfamiliar and unexplored.

Emilie's main goal in life is to create art with people and students that want to make the world a happier place through exploring their creativity and productively providing art to the community. She hopes to make that dream possible through I.C.E. Collaborative Arts.

Kristi Chase- Founder, Leader, tap dancing specialist and teacher 

Kristi Chase is co-founder of Ice Collaborative Arts. Kristi is a practicing attorney (Rutgers Law 2000) and entrepreneur with a passion for dance and the arts.  Kristi has over 20 years of training in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and pointe.  As a teen and young adult, Kristi performed as a dancer in over 100 productions, including regular appearances on an a major network variety show.  Although Kristi still enjoys dancing and most recently performed in a community theatre production of 42nd Street, she much prefers to watch ICE's students perform and grow!


Through ICE,  Kristi desires to provide young performers with professional training opportunities focused on proper technique, while providing small class size allowing individual instruction and the chance for each performer to shine.

Catina Anderson- Choreographer, Production Assistant, Music Director, and Assistant Music Director

Catina Anderson has been an integral part of ICE Collaborative Arts since its start, having served as Music Director for Into the Woods, Jr. and Production Assistant for several summer camps.  She brings with her over 20 years of experience working with high school and youth performers as a visual designer and choreographer for color guard, show choir, and small vocal ensemble. Her visual ensembles have consistently ranked at the top of their competitive classes earning awards at local, regional and championship competitions. From 2007 - 2013 she ran a nationally known website for color guard coaches and from 2007 - 2010 she was the featured guard columnist for Halftime Magazine.  In addition to her coaching experience, Catina holds degrees in Music (AAA - Voice) and Biology (B.S.), as well as a Masters in Education (Secondary Ed.).  


She is passionate about creating a positive and encouraging environment for the growth of our actors at all levels of experience with a focus, on training not only for the specific music or dance performance required by each role but also building skills and technique that serve as a strong foundation.


Our classes fulfill our mission of creating quality acting experiences, by teaching students proper and up to date acting techniques. By using current and classical acting texts, we dive into each class with the goal of expanding our comfort zones in order to push ourselves into creating a real situation onstage. 

We offer:

Acting classes- where we learn how to analyze text and create deeper connections with the work that allows us to evoke empathy onstage. 

Group Improv classes- where students learn how to trust and create an ensemble of people creating in-the-moment theatre in an organic and safe way.

Private Lessons- an individual setting where students can receive one-on-one attention to aid in developing and  strengthening personal work habits that will help them succeed in all types of performance. 

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If you don't see a class that draws you in, give us your suggestions so we can try to offer it next class session!!

Productions and Performance Sessions

We offer a variety of performance types to allow the work from our acting classes to be showcased in the best possible way for our students. These productions are all about showing the community how much hard work and dedication these students have poured in their art.

We have:

Smaller, informal performances, for quick classes or for acting intensives- we want the focus of these productions to be on the acting and on the interaction between actors onstage, not on visual aspect of the show. 

Full stage productions with lights, sound, costumes, and full effects. It is important to be able to show students the amount of work necessary for a fully staged production. These performances require a longer rehearsal period and many discussions about style, professional theatre etiquette, and importance of visual choices onstage. 

Play in a day- students will spend the whole day being introduced to, auditioning for, casting, blocking, rehearsing, and performing a show that they can be proud to share. These intense workshops are great for first time actors, brushing up on your acting and performance skills, and having a great time with friends while learning in a fast-paced, goal oriented class.

What Makes Us Different?

ICE Collaborative Arts has been established to provide theatre classes that are focused on creating quality acting and theatrical experiences. It is so important to have performances when learning the art of acting, but we try to encourage learning how to walk before running. Our focus is to enhance relationships on stage and create truthful interactions between characters. By teaching professional acting techniques, and taking the time to work as many moments as possible onstage, we are able create a more meaningful experience for our students. Creating a show has so many elements in it, we want to take the time in our classes to explore all of these elements so that when our students are ready to explore professional opportunities, they are prepared and ready to impress. 

No one becomes an expert overnight, so one of our other goals to be able to provide as many opportunites to create, learn, and explore as possible. We will be providing all types of performing arts classes to allow our students to learn more everyday, from acting to special effects make-up, stage combat to puppetry, scenic painting to costume design, and many other areas of performing arts.

 Studies say- If you research one topic for an hour a day you will become an expert in 5 years. By constantly having spaces and different types of classes, we are encouraging our students to find what they love to do while learning more and more an a variety of topics, so that you can be well on your way to becoming the expert you want to be.

ICE Collaborative Arts is here to create. We are here to provide opportunities. We are here to teach and guide. We are here to work with other companies to provide the most educational experiences possible.

We are here, and we want to work with you.


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We're here to provide opportunites for you to Imagine endless possibiltes, Create art of many forms, and Explore your talents and creativity.

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