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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a comfortable environment where people of all ages can explore their artistic abilities, learn important life skills and confidence, as well as find their love for performance and visual art through a variety of acting classes, theatre for youth and adult theatre classes, performances, and sharings. Along with the previous, we aim to provide a community for artists to collaborate by hosting local artist highlights,  guest taught workshops, creative meetings, field trips to see plays in the surrounding areas, and more. But most importantly our goal is to build all of this in a friendly, supportive, and encouraging environment.

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Emilie Fletcher is a mother and an artist. She has been a director and teaching artist since 2008. With a bachelor's in fine arts in Theatre for Youth from Shenandoah University, master's in education, and a continuing degree in writing, Emilie is a known theatre for youth director and teaching artist in VA and MD. Emilie is working as the ​Theatre Director and Teacher at Heritage High School in addition to owning her own theatre company: ICE Collaborative Arts. Her favorite types of plays have a lesson that is learned through empathizing with a character or group of characters that are searching for an answer or trying to prove a point. Her passion for teaching is driven by the moments when she can discuss with students about different thought processes and lifestyles that are unfamiliar and unexplored.​

Emilie's main goal in life is to create art with people and students that want to make the world a happier place by exploring their creativity and productively providing art to the community.
She is excited to cultivate a community of life-long artists by establishing trust and sparking inspiration. 



Kristi Chase is co-founder of Ice Collaborative Arts. Kristi is a practicing attorney (Rutgers Law 2000) and entrepreneur with a passion for dance and the arts.  Kristi has over 20 years of training in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and pointe.  As a teen and young adult, Kristi performed as a dancer in over 100 productions, including regular appearances on an a major network variety show.  Although Kristi still enjoys dancing and most recently performed in a community theatre production of 42nd Street, she much prefers to watch ICE's students perform and grow!


Through ICE,  Kristi desires to provide young performers with professional training opportunities focused on proper technique, while providing small class size allowing individual instruction and the chance for each performer to shine.

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